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Criterion Building
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Larger projects

In addition to providing maintenance packages and installation solutions, Citipost Power also specialise in larger maintenance and Variant Refrigerant Volume system installation projects. Whether you are planning a new building or a redevelopment, we can provide you with a one stop solution for your needs. We will drive to see all tasks through to competition ensuring that your job comes in on time and on budget. Our qualified team of experts can help you all the way through.

We are accustomed to working in high pressured environments and our team are geared to take on air conditioning projects that are demanding, technically difficult and incorporate strict deadlines. Whether it’s a commercial AC installation in a small retail store or a multistorey office block, we will compose the best air conditioning solution for each of our clients whilst considering budgets, deadlines, space, style and design. Our team take on projects of all sizes and have completed contracts in circa of 200 fan coil units. Due to the nature of the industry we often take on projects at short notice and can consistently manage multiple installations side by side at any given time. Why not Contact Us to find out how our dedicated team can support you. Alternatively, why not check out our prior Latest Projects to find out more about the large works we have recently carried out.